Precise Stump Grinding in Lynnwood for Enhanced Landscaping

We showcase a Lynnwood stump grinding project that represents the excellent support provided by Sno-King Stump Grinding. To remove two big Cedar trees near their property, our customer hired a nearby tree service.

To make space for planting Arborvitae trees, the stumps were ground and we were asked to help. We buried the stumps deep enough for the new tree roots. We also protected the underground utilities below the stumps.

Careful Planning and Execution:

We took careful precautions to make sure the process was secure and efficient. Then we put up plywood barriers to catch any flying boulders and debris, putting team and environmental safety first. We further cleared the space by removing undesirable Junipers with a Stihl 660 chainsaw.

We also cut a three-inch slab from the larger stump at the client’s request. This Cedar slab will become the top of a patio table in the backyard. It will serve as a reminder of the tall Cedar tree that used to give shade to their house.

Balancing Nature and Safety:

As an experienced arborist, I understand the challenge of prioritizing safety while appreciating beautiful trees, especially when families live nearby. Although I have a strong affinity for large trees, protecting the residents’ well-being is my top priority. I support homeowners who cut down big trees to keep their families safe from the damage they can cause in storms. Balancing nature and safety was an important factor in the Stump Grinding in Lynnwood project.

Project Completion and Client Satisfaction:

We successfully completed the Stump Grinding in Lynnwood project, swiftly addressing our client’s needs. The homeowners were happy because it let them continue with their plan to plant a line of green arborvitae trees. With the addition of a lovely aesthetic to their land, this plantation will give them the required screening for privacy.

This project to grind stumps serves as evidence of our dedication to providing high-quality service, safety, and client satisfaction. We take pride in helping our customers achieve their landscaping goals while ensuring the security and beauty of their surroundings.

Watch the Sno-King Stump Grinding in Lynnwood Project video on our YouTube channel.

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