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Stump Grinding Bellevue

Sno-King Stump Grinding has provided quality stump grinding service to Bellevue, Washington for over 20 years. And we recently won the stump grinding portion of a 400 million dollar utility upgrade that began on February 5, 2020. So the project involve removing ~200 trees and grinding the stumps. That cleared the way for the installation of new power poles along Northeast 8th Street from the electric substation located at 164th Avenue Northeast. The new poles continued west down to 148th Avenue Northeast. At that point, the project continues southbound along 148th Avenue Northeast past Main Street.

It was a very challenging stump grinding project to manage all the risk of damaging underground utilities. We completed the project without any damage. The other challenge was containing all the debris and risk of thrown rocks along very busy roadways. But I have a reliable system that allowed me to complete the project without a single incident of rocks or stump grinding debris being thrown into the road.

Stump Grinding Service Bellevue – Homeowners

In addition to providing stump grinding service for municipalities and utility companies, I also provide stump grinding service for homeowners. I access potential risk to underground utilities and request Utility Locate services when needed. I always ask my clients what they intend to do in the area after stump grinding. So the answer to that question guides my recommendations for target depth and chasing lateral surface roots that are either visible or just below the surface. In short, I adjust my stump grinding strategy to create the blank canvas so that your goals for that area will be realized!

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