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This is a fairly typical Stump Grinding Everett project we did for a family in Everett, Washington.

The client hired us to grind the stump to prepare for lawn repair. The tree had sent out lateral roots, which raised up the ground  creating a large mound. There were utilities directly under the stump. But they were natural gas and water, which are below the frostline and well below the depth that we were targeting. We used temporary rebar posts to support our plywood to contain rocks and debris in the work area.

To properly prepare for lawn repair, we grind out the surface roots and the stump to a depth of 6+ inches below the surrounding grade. This creates the opportunity to grade out the area to match the surrounding grade. And creates room to have plenty of topsoil under the new grass. This will allow the new grass to remain healthy and prevent scorching during the hot summer months.

Stump Grinding Everett

This is a common Stump Grinding Everett project. Many of our customers want stump grinding so they can plant new grass to tie in with their existing lawn. But there are many other types of stump grinding projects. Sometimes, our clients want to create a garden area where the stump is. We often grind to a target depth of 12 inches below the grade to prepare for gardening. Sometimes our clients want to plant a new tree in the same spot as the stump. That requires us to grind the stump to a target depth of 2-3 feet below the grade. We always locate utilities when grinding deeper than a surface grind near underground utilities. There are many reasons people want to hire us for stump grinding. I always start the conversation by asking what they want to do in that area after stump grinding. The answer to that question allows me to grind the stump to the depth that ensures that my client’s goal for that area is realized!

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