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Stump Grinding Kirkland

This was a challenging Stump Grinding Kirkland project. The City of Kirkland hired us to grind out a large tree stump with a tremendous root mass. The stump was located in the parking strip right along Market Street. There was a high volume of car and pedestrian traffic – quite a few bicycles, as well. So we had to be very careful to manage the risk of flying rocks and debris. We eliminated the risk of Utilities by requesting a Utility Locate. The target depth was to grind the stump to a depth of 6+ inches below the level of the sidewalk. Once underway, we had to work with great care and precision. One false move and the stump grinder would significantly damage the concrete sidewalk. The City of Kirkland hired an Eductor truck to prep the work area. They basically have one worker pressure wash away the dirt and rocks from around the stump and root mass while another worker directs a massive vacuum to suck up all the debris. It’s a pretty slick operation and definitely makes my stump grinding project safer and easier

So the job went great and in a couple hours we were all done, the dust was blown off the sidewalk and we were on to the next project!

Please call, text or email our Stump Grinding Quote form. I will be glad to discuss your project and provide you with a plan and cost estimate. Many clients text me a photo of the stump, which greatly helps my accuracy. I’ll also be happy to visit your site and meat with you to walk through your project together and submit a firm plan and price! I hope to hear from you today!

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