Stump Grinding Lynnwood Video

This video contains Before and After footage of a Stump Grinding Lynnwood job we did for a family in Lynnwood, Washington.

This stump-grinding Lynnwood project is a good example of the excellent stump-grinding service we provide. The client had hired a local tree service to remove a couple of large Cedar trees in their front yard. The trees were right along the property line. Then they hired my company, Sno-King Stump Grinding to grind the stumps. As always, I asked what they were planning to do in the area after stump grinding. Their plan was to plant a row of Arborvitae, also known as Pyramidalis to provide screening along their property line. The challenge was to grind deep enough to accommodate the root balls of the new trees. We also had to be careful not to grind too deep and damage the underground utilities. The utilities were located directly beneath the stumps.

We positioned plywood to contain flying rocks and debris. I cut down some undesirable Junipers with my Stihl 660 chainsaw. At the client’s request, I also cut a three-inch slab off the more considerable stump. They plan to use the Cedar slab as a tabletop for a table they are building for their backyard patio. It will be a nice memento to remember the large, but dangerously overgrown Cedar tree that used to hover over their house. I’m always torn between my love of big trees and safety first, especially when it comes to the family who lives in the home. Over the last twenty years, I have seen many times the great damage a large tree creates when it crashes into a house during a storm event. So I won’t begrudge anybody the right to remove large trees on their property in an effort to make their family safer.


We quickly completed this stump-grinding Lynnwood project and the homeowners were very happy that they could move ahead with their plans to plant a row of emerald green arborvitae for screening.

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