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Stump Grinding Lynnwood

The video and pictures in this post are from a Stump Grinding Lynnwood project we did recently in Lynnwood, Washington. My client, David had a couple three foot diameter Leland Cypress stumps from trees that had been removed recently. Leland Cypress trees are conifers and have a beautiful dark evergreen needle similar to a Cedar. They grow very fast and feature a nice, contrasting blend of symmetry and chaos. I have planted a bunch of them at my house as a transitional tree between my woods and yard. And they work great for us. But we live on acreage. These trees can become a big problem in a hurry for the homeowner in a subdivision. They tend to outgrow their space very quickly.

So that was the problem for my client, Mark. The Leland Cypress trees had completely taken over with no sign of slowing down their rapid advance. But Mark wanted screening and privacy on the property line. He decided to go with Arborvitae. These small plants are bigger than a bush and smaller than a tree. They are also from the Cypress family, but have emerald green foliage. They grow very slowly and are tall, narrow and symmetrical.

Tree tip for stump grinding mulch

Here is a tree tip: Mulch your Arborvitaes. This keeps the moisture in the soil much longer during dry periods. Mulch also provides nutrients and stimulates the acidic PH in the soil, which Conifers thrive in. Do not neglect them during the hot, dry weeks. It looks awful if you have a nice row of Arborvitaes and you lose one. During the winter months, knock the snow off of them before the temperature warms up and the snow begins to melt or it turns to rain. Arborvitaes have long, vertical branches that can suddenly sag under the weight of wet snow. This is very unsightly and it is very difficult to re-train the failed branch to re-assume its vertical position.

So, let’s get back to Mark. His large Leland Cypress trees had also created a lot of root infrastructure that was just below the surface, but still in conflict with his other objective of repairing the lawn to match the rest of his nice front yard. There were also a couple of unsightly Juniper bushes in the vicinity. Our stump grinding service plan resolved all of the challenges and created the opportunity for Mark to move ahead with his plans and realize all of his outcomes. We cut down the ugly Juniper bushes so we could grind the stumps. We tilled through all the surface roots and raked them out into debris piles. This action also breaks up the soil nicely in preparation for lawn repair. Finally, we provided a deep stump grind of the two Leland Cypress stumps to prepare the area for Mark’s new row of Arborvitaes, which will provide the screening he desires.

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