Stump Grinding Redmond

Quality Low Priced Stump Grinding Service in Redmond Washington?

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Stump Grinding Redmond

Sno-King Stump Grinding has served the city of Redmond for over 20 years. We offer excellent Stump Grinding Service at a discounted price. Our equipment can fit through a 36 inch gate to gain access to back yard stumps. But once through the narrow access point, we attach the outer wheels for traction and stability. Our 50 hp diesel grinder is powerful to make short work of large stumps and can grind nearly 2 feet below the grade, if needed.

Stump Grinding Prices

Stump grinding prices vary and are based on numerous factors. I can quickly submit an estimate after asking you a few questions about your project. I usually lead with asking what you intend to do in the area after stump grinding. The answer to that question allows me to recommend the appropriate target depth to ensure that your goals for the area are realized. Some customers text or email photos to me and they are very useful in helping me submit more accurate estimates for your project.

So the best photos have a common object such as a shovel or rake placed on or near the stump. And then it’s best to stand about 10 feet away when shooting the photo. That distance allows me to evaluate the grade of the surrounding area and identify any mounding or ground swell created by the stump and root mass. Additionally surface roots are often a factor and should be included in the photo. Smart phones can zoom in well, but they cannot zoom out! I am also happy to visit your site and meet with you to discuss your project as we preview it together. And this allows me to quickly create a firm plan and price that will not change.

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