Stump Grinding Mill Creek

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Stump Grinding Mill Creek

Greetings! I’m Robert and the owner/operator of Sno-King Stump Grinding. I’ve been providing quality stump grinding service to Mill creek and surrounding areas for over 20 years. But it’s one thing to say that, so here is a link to my Google Reviews so you can see what my customers are saying!

The video is humorous and shows a few failed attempts by weekend warriors to remove stumps the hard way! Then it goes on to show some footage of me grinding stumps with our Rayco stump grinder. The machine has exceptional power to grind deep when necessary. And I can make short work of even the biggest stumps. The grinder also has a great feature that allows me to quickly detach the outer wheels so I can pass through a 36 inch gate. This allows me to bring a lot of stump grinding power to backyards and other areas with difficult access.

Stump Grinding for landscape makeovers

I used to own Puget Sound landscaping and remain an avid gardener to this day. So I am always sensitive to surrounding plants and shrubs. I am careful not to damage their root infrastructure when grinding nearby stumps. I often work with landscaping contractors to remove stumps in preparation for landscaping projects. The target depth is always an important concern. So I often lead by asking what is the desired outcome for the area after stump grinding. Will that be a lawn area? Or a garden area? Once I know what the clients goals are, I can recommend the appropriate target depth!

I hope you’ll call, text or fill out the Stump Grinding quote form and I’ll be happy to discuss your project today! I can provide an immediate estimate after a brief discussion with you. And I’ll be happy to visit your site to meet with you to preview and discuss your project. Then I will submit a firm plan and price for your consideration!

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