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Stump Grinding Price via phone

There are many factors that impact the price of stump grinding. I can give you an approximate idea of the cost through a phone call, text, or email once you answer some questions. Many send pictures via text or email to help me be more accurate. Use a common object, like a shovel, near the stump to give an idea of size. And the photo should be taken from a distance of about 10 feet. This helps me figure out what level the ground is and if the roots made any bumps or changes.

Stump Grinding Price via on-site visit

I am also happy to visit your job site to meet with you and discuss your goals for the area after stump grinding. The answer to that question always guides my recommendations on target depth and how thorough I should be at addressing lateral surface roots that are either visible or just below the surface. When I visit your job site, I will submit a firm plan and price for your consideration and offer scheduling options. But I will never pressure anyone ever!

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Stump Grinding and underground utility risk mitigation

Tree Trunk
Oisin Conolly

It is my job to manage the risk of damage to underground utilities! I submit over 100 Utility Location Requests every year. And every year, I safely complete numerous projects for various municipalities, PUD and PSE. Those projects are often along the right-of-way of busy roads. These areas are loaded with major utility trunk lines. Typically, stump grinding projects for homeowners require a target depth that does not approach the depth of the major utilities like gas, power, water, and wastewater. But the communication lines are often at a much shallower depth and must be accounted for. In conclusion, I want you to be assured that I have over two decades of experience successfully managing risk to underground utilities and never rely on hope or luck!

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