Stump Grinding Seattle Video

The Stump Grinding Seattle video was shot on-site at Northwest Hospital in Seattle, Washington. Abbott Construction was working on a large remodel and renovation project for the hospital. My company, Sno-King Stump Grinding was hired to provide the stump grinding service. After removing five large Cedar trees that were towering ominously over the hospital’s main oxygen tanks, we proceeded to grind the stumps in preparation for landscaping. Then we mobilized our equipment for the second phase of the project.

At the front of the hospital by the main entrance, there was a large Maple stump. This stump needed to be completely removed because it was right where the new exterior wall was to be built. So our stump grinding plan was to grind the stump down to a depth of two feet below the grade. At this target depth, the main surface roots would be severed and the main trunk remnant would be so thin that the excavator could easily punch through and split it into smaller pieces. This allows for a quick and easy complete excavation of the stump and root mass remnants. Additionally, these smaller pieces will load nicely into the dump truck for hauling.

Stump Grinding Seattle Video

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