Stump Grinding in Woodway

Stump Grinding Woodway, WA

Here is the Before and After photographs of a Stump Grinding project we did in Woodway, Washington. Woodway is a quiet, beautiful and exclusive community located about 15 miles north of Seattle and nestled between Edmonds and Richmond Beach, Washington.

All these cities enjoy magnificent views of the Cascade mountains to the east and the Olympic mountains with Puget Sound in the foreground to the west.

I was born in Seattle, grew up in Edmonds and now live in my own little forest in Everett, Washington. I love the Pacific Northwest! Uh, where was I?

Oh Yeah, in the “Before” picture, you can see the gate. My Rayco RG50 Stump Grinding machine can pass through a 36″ opening. That gate actually had 3+ inches to spare.


The stump was nestled in amongst some desirable bushes. I slid a piece of plywood across the ground and underneath the lowest branches on the stump side. As I lifted up the plywood vertical, I was able to effectively push all the foliage out of harm’s way. I held the plywood upright and in place with re-bar that I pounded into the ground.

As I proceeded through the Stump Grinding project, I occasionally pulled the machine way back and shut down the spinning cutter wheel. This action created a safe opportunity to pull the excess dirt and wood chips into the large hole you can see in the foreground of the “Before” picture.

By the time I finished with this Stump Grinding project, the stump was well below grade. The foliage and root infrastructure of the bushes were unharmed. And the surprise bonus to my client is, I used the dirt and wood chips to fill in the unsightly hole and grade the entire area out with a nice, finished look.

As a former landscape company owner and avid gardener to this day, I enjoy creating a blank canvas for my clients…an invitation to create something…anything…a new beginning!

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